Special sections

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff and our cutting-edge machines, we can design and realize special projects according to each customer’s needs.

In particular, our workshop produces wheeled kiosks looking after the entire project: from the design to the final production.

The tradition of moving kiosks on beaches is intended to update itself and go on thanks to the modern technologies.
CMD produces technically advanced moving kiosk for beaches. This type of special project is studied to be very easy to maneuver thanks to the handles and the helm, even if its inner technologies are made up of highly sophisticated machineries.

The moving kiosks on beaches can be used by restaureteurs or on the streets during markets or fairs, since they are a perfect moving station ideal to store, transport and serve all kinds of fresh food: from soft drinks to ice-creams or slushes.

The moving kiosk studied by CMD will be able to revolutionize the concept of itinerant catering.

The moving kiosks on beaches are a perfectly safe and efficient device, with a great battery operating time and a thermo -refrigerated compartment that recharges itself during the night.

chioschi mobili su ruote realizzazione e progettazione