• cmd officina meccanica treviso Precision, our mission

    High level of accuracy in every step of the production cycle for the greatest level of excellence.

  • cmd officina meccanica treviso High quality Production

    Materials traceability, quality certifications and dimensional testing reports to guarantee authenticity and excellent services.

  • cmd officina meccanica treviso CMD Precision mechanical processing

    Manual skills, Professionalism and competence developed in a 18-year experience in the mechanical operations field.


precision mechanical processing mould manufacturing and automation systems

CMD has been operating in the sector of precision mechanical processing, mould manufacturing and automation systems since 1998. The workshop was founded by Loris Dal Pos, after a previous experience in the field of mechanical operations.

CMD professionalism comes from a strong competence in the sector of machine tools and CNC 3D measuring machines up to the construction of special…

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Our last product with Shoreline brand is begun a valid support for Venudo family, who uses our wheeled kiosk…

CMD Officine and the new website!

The new website is online!
A deep and complete restyling both in the structure and in the contents to provide…

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